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NLQ Issue 42

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Loneliness is a big issue for major cities like London, especially with the decline of spaces like pubs and community centres where we once connected. It can be debilitating, and is, some suggest, as detrimental to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. So, what can be done? We investigate, with a feature on the issue prompted by Kinship in the City — new research done on the subject by Make Architects’ Future Spaces Foundation. 

Lendlease is also working in this area. Its Loneliness Lab seeks to tap into this subject and, through it, reach out to communities and foster connections, which will be helpful when it comes to healing hard-hit, disconnected areas of London like Euston. We profile Selina Mason and Bek Seeley of Lendlease in this issue as the developer looks to bolster its collection of new city ‘quarters’ by creating new places at either end of the HS2 main section.

The City is no stranger to change either, and is ushering in a new chapter for the Square Mile underpinned by radical proposals and policies, from transport to tall buildings. We look at the new team at the Guildhall taking forward a place moving from fi nance to culture and more, and doubtless banging its drum at MIPIM for its particular brand of proactive planning. 

The need for more social, people-friendly and popular spaces is something that is high up on the agenda of Henley Halebrown as the practice pursues its line of carefully hewn, historically sensitive additions to the city. The pair talk to NLQ about their outlook on life, architecture and social conscience in our Top of their Game feature this time.

There is plenty more besides, including a look at Kingston’s new Town House project, a building by Stirling Prize-winners Grafton Architects that marries town and gown for the university and south London borough. There’s a look at Architects Aware, a group mobilising to attack another big issue for our times — homelessness. We have opinions on drones and future specifications, high-tech visualisation tools as a boon to developing cities, the nomenclature of offsite, and a word on what architects and other professionals can do to stem the tide of climate change. Finally, with yet more elections ahead of us this May, we ask both built environment practitioners and a group of youngsters what they think the new Mayor should prioritise for the city once he or she takes the reins.



New Londoners

Lendlease’s Bek Seeley and Selina Mason talk Euston and beyond.

Top of their game
Henley Halebrown discuss their work and ethos

 Urban loneliness
Louise Rodgers reports on a problem for our age — and how to solve it

 The new teams
The City of London’s top brass set out their stall on radical planning and more.

 Building review
Kingston University’s Town House gets the NLQ building review treatment


Need to know

The quarter — our summary of all the key news events this term

We ask: what is the most important thing you’d ask the new Mayor to do?

 Murray Mint
Peter Murray looks back to Clive James’ Postcard from London and forward
into the future

Opinions this time on subjects from offsite to tech, to wellness come from Bryden Wood, VU.CITY, the BCO
and WGP Architects

From the team
Marathon woman — NLA’s Emily Wilson prepares to take on London and Paris...

Yolande Barnes conjectures on London’s status and relationship with the rest of the UK

Coffee break
Learning from Sweden — White Arkitekter’s Linda Thiel answers the questions

 My London
A river runs through it — PTE’s Kaye Stout on London from a boat



Don’t move, improve! The winner in detail

Homelessness — Architects Aware mobilises to get action.

Project preview
Acion stations! U+I’s Karen McCormick details its 8 Albert Embankment project

NLQ reviews
Character study — Peter Murray looks at Ike Ijeh’s Designing London book

 Briefing notes
Coverage of selected highlights from some of the best events from NLA over the quarter

Climate emergency
What can architects and planners do about the environment? LETI’s new guide has answers

 Market essay
Knight Frank’s Andrew Harrison sets out the state of the market

Issue Details

Published March 2020.

Team credits
Editor, David Taylor. Editor-in-chief, Peter Murray. Production, Michelle Haywood. Art direction, Stefano Meroni. Photography, Agnese Sanvito. Sub editor, Julia Dawson. Editorial support, Aurelia Amanitis.



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