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Friday 19 February 2021

The road to recovery from the Coronavirus crisis is extremely challenging. It is the largest public health crisis London has faced in living memory. It has exposed and exacerbated long-standing inequalities in our society. The impact of the crisis on London’s businesses and economy also poses a significant obstacle.

This is also however, an opportunity. We can use our recovery from COVID-19 to reimagine our city as a place with a better long-term future for Londoners. One which is fairer, greener and more resilient than ever before. The challenge facing London requires the institutions of
this city to work together like never before. The Mayor has worked with London Councils to convene the London Recovery Board. This Board is co-chaired by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the Chair of London Councils, Cllr Georgia Gould, and co-ordinates the planning for London’s future post- COVID. It is supported by a Recovery Taskforce, which coordinates actions to meet these challenges, working in partnership with local authorities, health and care bodies, business groups, trade unions, the voluntary sector, academia, national Government and other bodies.

The London Recovery Board has identified one grand challenge for the Recovery Programme: to restore confidence in the city, minimise the impact on communities and build back better the city’s economy and society. To meet this challenge, a set of nine missions have so far been agreed as follows:
It is crucial that all Londoners and organisations can influence, shape and participate in our city’s recovery from COVID-19. To this end, the Recovery Programme has so far included public engagement on the Talk London online platform for community engagement, surveys of the business community, borough-led engagement and other sector specific stakeholder engagement. Over the course of this process there have been high rates of participation including:

  • 68,937 total site visits to Talk London (52,272 unique)
  • 1,100 comments from 609 members (aged 16–87)
  • 700 business stakeholders surveyed and posted to 32,500 LinkedIn followers.
  • 70 community conversations submitted from 60 different organisations involving over 1,000 Londoners.
  • 26 community grant applications awarded, with a focus on BAME Young People, BAME women, Disabled, Migrant/ Refugee/Asylum seekers, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Somali, Armenian, Black African/Caribbean, and Portuguese speaking communities.

For more information about the Recovery Programme please see this overview document.

To get involved in the conversation about London’s recovery on Talk London please go here.

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Borough Briefing: Westminster City Council


Borough Briefing: Westminster City Council

In this Borough Briefing Westminster updated us on its plans to reinvent the Oxford Street District to support recovery...

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