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New London Architecture (NLA) is inviting submissions of projects that are supporting the knowledge economy in London, Oxford and Cambridge (‘The Golden Triangle’) as well as in other knowledge clusters in the rest of the UK.  

We are seeking projects fall in the following categories:
  • Education: universities, colleges, campuses, research centres
  • Healthcare: hospitals, clinics
  • Tech and innovation: laboratories, incubators, hubs, start-ups and scale-ups
  • Any other schemes related to knowledge-producing organisations and businessess.
This call out forms part of Knowledge Networks, an NLA Insight Study examining London’s relationship to Oxford and Cambridge and analysing the key factors influencing the growth of the knowledge economy in a fast-moving sector. 
The report will be accompanied by a project showcase containing exemplary projects and schemes having a transformational impact on the education, healthcare, technology and innovation sectors in the UK. The directory will be included in the digital paper and launched in May 2020, with a following series of events discussing the findings.
All submissions will be included in the new NLA digital directory, with selected projects featuring in the digital paper.

The Research

With the knowledge economy worth around  £95bn per year in UK, it’s crucial for the built environment sector to plan, design and create the right spaces that enable innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, creatives, knowledge workers and investors to work together, to collaborate and compare, creating the conditions for innovations to thrive. Oxford, Cambridge and London, the so-called ‘Golden Tringle’, has one of the highest density of knowledge-clusters in the UK, where the co-location of knowledge-producing organisations such as universities, research bodies, teaching hospitals, cultural institutions, and knowledge-intensive businesses cross-contaminate ideas to create a unique environment for collaboration and innovation. 
The NLA’s insight study Knowledge Capital, published in 2018, explored the shape of London’s knowledge economy; analysing the changing forms of spaces and buildings; placemaking through districts and campuses; and the measures that would need to be taken to ‘futureproof’ places for education, science and health in the capital. Two years later, NLA develops a second Insight Study ‘Knowledge Networks’, developing our findings further to examine London’s relationship to Oxford and Cambridge and focusing on how the knowledge economy is shaping the future in Golden Triangle in a fast moving sector. 
Research aim
• To update Knowledge Capital findings, two years on, with a particular focus on the Golden Triangle (London, Oxford and Cambridge). What has changed since 2018?
• To examine the scale of the knowledge economy in the Golden Triangle and how the built environment sector responds to the current challenges to enable these cluster to thrive and growth, while also benefitting the wider cities and local communities.
• To understand the key priorities to enable greater collaboration across these knowledge clusters. What are the challenges to its growth and success? How can we create the conditions for talents to move around these clusters? 
Research questions 
•       Update on Oxford, Cambridge, London – what has changed since 2018 Knowledge Capital insight study?
•       London’s relationship to the Golden Triangle – what are the key priorities to enable greater collaboration across these knowledge clusters? What are the challenges to its growth and success? How can we create the conditions for talents to move around these clusters?  
•       At local level, how can we enable social inclusion and the spreading of the benefits of knowledge clusters to local communities? How can we make sure institutions and universities   integrate and give back to local communities? 


  • Projects can be at all stages of delivery from masterplans, mixed-use buildings, workspaces, public realm improvements, leisure and community interventions, to new transport initiatives and planning concepts that support the education, innovation and health sectors 
  • Submissions should be located in the UK. We encourage submissions of projects located in the ‘Golden Triangle’ (London, Oxford and Cambridge), however we accept projects in other parts of the UK where located in other knowledge clusters or major cities and demonstrating a clear contributing to the knowledge economy
  • Any real projects should have reached practical completion within the last 2 years (since February 2018) or be currently in design, planning or construction 
  • Submitters must secure appropriate permissions from the client prior to submission 
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions from any one organisation, however the submitter is encouraged to consult with other team members to avoid duplicate submissions 
  • Entrants agree that NLA are granted non-exclusive reproduction rights to all successful submissions for NLA’s advertising, promotion, publication and internet purposes directly related to the Knowledge Networks programme. Entrants must have permission from the photographer for the reproduction of all imagery for use relating to these purposes 
  • Payment will only be required for submissions successfully selected for inclusion. Within six weeks of the closing date, NLA will confirm whether your submission has been selected for inclusion. On confirmation that your submission has been selected, NLA will invite you to make the payments by invoice, issued to New London Architecture Ltd. Payment terms are strictly 14 days from invoice date 
  • NLA Partners, charities and not-for-profit organisations are entitled to submit projects for free 
  • Selected projects will feature in the Knowledge Networks digital publication, while all submissions
  •  will stay in the NLA permanent directory.

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New Deadline: Tuesday 7 April 2020, 4pm.


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