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Makers spaces - affordability and safeguarding for the future

Tuesday 08 March 2022

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London inherently has been city which has creativity at its core. Artists and makers spaces have been driving factors for Londons regeneration for decades and is now imbedded within our city’s cultural heritage. However, recent years have highlighted how Londons makers spaces are under threat. Increasing rent prices within the capital and a change in work trends to more laptop-based approaches have meant that large workspace is becoming widely unfeasible.
However, where does that leave the makers sector that still heavily relies on larger floor capacity for its creative outputs? As cities move towards resilience and sustainability across its industries how do we ensure makers spaces are not left behind and pushed to London’s periphery cities? How do we maintain creative activation within London’s neighbourhoods and safeguard our makers spaces for the future?
This webinar hears from core stakeholders aiming to combat the challenges that makers spaces face within the capital. The speakers debate the affects affordability is having on London’s makers spaces and provide much needed thought leadership in protecting our creative industries for the future.


00:00   Welcome from Chair
First Sukpaiboon, Head of Programme, New London Architecture 
02:00   Peveril Gardens 
Rumi Bose, Principal Project Officer, Greater London Authority              
15:00    Poplar Works
Alex Jeremy, Head of Partnerships, Poplar HARCA 
26:00    Building Bloqs, Meridian Water
Professor Tom Holbrook, Director, 5th Studio 
38:00    Panel discussion 
Speakers above plus
Patrick McKeogh, Managing Director, Pipers Model Makers 
Gemma Dean, Head of Development, Creative Land Trust 
Aaron O’Dowling-Keane, Head of Marketing, The Trampery


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