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Tuesday 31 October 2023
10:00 - 11:00

Join this webinar to explore the challenges and opportunities of restoring London’s heritage assets through exemplar conservation projects.
In Historic England’s 2022 Heritage at Risk Register, there were a total of 631 entries across London, including 421 listed buildings and 72 conservation areas that were at risk of neglect, decay or inappropriate change.
Historic buildings are an important source of prosperity and growth, with the heritage sector contributing a total GVA of £31 billion to England’s economy in 2019. Maintaining the existing fabric of the built environment has a clear environmental benefit, while retrofitting the UK’s historic buildings could reduce carbon emissions by five per cent each year, according to a recent report commissioned by the National Trust, Peabody, Historic England, The Crown Estate and Grosvenor. 
Beyond economic and environmental benefit, historic buildings deliver intrinsic cultural value for people who live, work and visit London. Yet, in order to protect our historic environment, a more complex planning process, greater technical demands, and higher costs are often required, additionally complicated by the complexities of restoring buildings identified as listed assets.
How can built environment practitioners balance the priorities of conserving historical fabric and adapting heritage assets for future function? How are industry leaders addressing maladaptation and poor maintenance of traditional buildings? What steps are required to build the skills, qualifications, and specialised knowledge to restore historic buildings?
This webinar brings together voices from across the industry, showcasing exemplar conservation projects and exploring how our industry can restore heritage assets to deliver value for Londoners.

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Speaker biographies

Katie Parsons

Team Leader of the London Development Advice Team, Historic England

Lydia Lee

Assistant Director for Culture and Regeneration, London Borough of Bromley

Harriet Pillman

Conservation Architect, Purcell

Mike Fox

Conservation Officer, London Borough of Waltham Forest

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