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Productive city


Tuesday 05 July 2022
10:00 - 11:00


Would future cities be efficient without productive spaces in its inner areas?
Industrial business in our modern cities operates increasingly as light manufacturing (fashion, home appliances, furniture) and work closely with creative and design industry. This designer-maker relationship is crucial to city’s economy. This contemporary version of industry, smaller, less disruptive and dangerous, offers many possibilities for urban integration. By reintegrating manufacturing in our cities, it reinforces this economy, creates new jobs and launches new dynamics. It can also have a real impact to achieve the Net zero target: reducing the distance between the consumer and the production and offering a new density.
In the 1970s, the functional city, divided into zones, relegated industry to the periphery. This was seen as progress in the context of a polluting and space-consuming industry. City centres were then dedicated to residential, commercial and office spaces. Today's cities are moving towards a greater social and use mix, but how much space is really left for production? Go further is essential to propose neighbourhoods with a wider diversity of uses, workplaces and manufacturing spaces.
The place left to manufacturing in our city is echoed in London, Europe and even in Korea. In Seoul, Sewoon Sangga, a dynamic industrial district for decades, is facing the pressure of real estate. How can industrial activity be maintained in a mixed neighbourhood? In this webinar, we will hear professionals explore and discuss these issues, including opportunities for London.


10:00   Welcome from Chair 
            First Sukpaiboon, Head of Programme, NLA 
10:05   Productive city: fundamentals and potentials
            Daniel Charny and Dee Halligan, Forth Together CIC 
10:15   Learning from abroad: Brussels 
             Adrian Vickery Hill, project initiator and project coordinator of Cities of Making and strategic designer at the Osmos Network
10:25  Is there an appetite for productive cities?
            Tessa English, Head of Urban and City logistics, JLL  
10:35   Panel discussion 
             Speakers above, plus 
             Oliver Bayliss, director, BGY 
10:45   Q&A
11:00   End

Speaker biographies

First Sukpaiboon

Head of Programme, NLA

Oliver Bayliss

Director, BuckleyGrayYeoman

Daniel Charny

curator, educator and creative director, Forth Together CIC

Dee Halligan

creative strategist, Forth Together CIC

Adrian Vickery Hill

Project Initiator and Project Coordinator / Strategic Designer, Cities of Making / Osmos Network

Tessa English

Head of Urban and City Logistics, JLL




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