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Webinar: Public funding initiatives and stimulus packages with EY


Wednesday 22 April 2020
10:00 - 11:00

Our new emergency series of NLA Business Advice Webinars will draw on the expertise of businesses across the NLA network to offer critical advice to our members on business planning in current market conditions.
Each Wednesday in April, EY, Principal Partners of NLA, will provide a timely update on the funding options government is providing to help support the design and development industries. Many businesses face difficult choices in terms of capital and liquidity management and this session will provide some clarity about what to do next in terms of funding, as well as how EY is supporting these processes. The session will offer insights, case studies and tangible next steps for NLA members wanting to attend to learn more, with an opportunity for Q&As at the end.
The webinar is presented by the EY Innovation Incentives Team but content has been supported by EY’s Covid-19 support team.

On Wednesday 22 April, the webinar will cover Cash Grants and Incentives for the future of architecture in London.
Four weeks on from the Stimulus packages announcements; attention has already turned to post-covid 19 incentives which will take the for of government cash grants and incentives.
What will architecture look like? How will we live? These are questions the government are likely to be asking and making grant calls for.
EY’s team of experts will be looking at what has already been announced, as well as covering again other cash incentives and reviewing the stimulus packages once again.


Stuart Jackson

Innovation Policy & Grants Manager, EY

Stefanos Stefanidis

Engineering Manager, EY

Sahdia Raja

Tax Manager, EY

Peter Murray

Curator-in-Chief, NLA

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