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Supported by the Mayor of London, the New London Awards celebrate London, seeking the best new projects across every sector that are making and will make a positive contribution to their surroundings. In each category, we separately recognise both BUILT and UNBUILT projects.
A prestigious International Jury of architecture and urban design experts, advised by a team of London-based Expert Assessors, will select winners in 13 categories and 4 special prizes including the Mayor's Prize, celebrated at our Annual Awards Lunch in November.

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: Tuesday 30 May 2023, 6pm

To submit projects, you must use the online form. Guidance on submissions is below but if you need assistance with your submission or have any queries, please contact our team at
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Why Enter

The New London Awards are organised by NLA and judged by an international panel consisting of leading figures from the architecture and design world.

Every shortlisted and winning entry will be published on NLA's website and shared to our vast social media following and newsletter subscribers, bringing significant recognition to successful entrants. Shortlisted and winning projects will be able to promote that they are New London Award winners with a trophy and digital assets that can be used across their emails, websites and social media.
Other opportunities include:

  • Feature in the NLA's project directory 
  • Editorial feature on NLA's blog 
  • Feed into the year-round NLA programme of online content, research, events, magazines, tours, blogs, interviews and more 
  • Inclusion in the People's Choice Award, where Londoners will vote for their favourite projects 
  • Opportunity to exhibit in the showcase gallery at The London Centre

How To Enter

1. List your project
As part of our online project directory, the first step is to list the basic information of your project. This can then be automatically applied for all future submissions. List your project here.

2. Complete the submission form
Using your listed project, supply additional information as required for the category and special prizes you wish to be considered for. Please find the detailed requirements of the form here. NB – You can save the form and come back to it later, just log in to your business account and visit the ‘Project and submissions’ section to view all draft submissions. Open the submission form here.

3. Pay and submit
Once completed, then submit the form and pay the submission costs by Tuesday 30 May 2023 at 6pm. When submitted you will receive a confirmation email from
Entry Requirements

Submission Costs

If your company is a Business Member, please ensure that your profile is linked to your company's membership in order to make use of your discount - see how here.

Partner members – £219+VAT
Standard business members – £275+VAT
Full price (non-members) – £325+VAT

If you have any queries, please contact Eugenia Davidson on 020 7636 4044 or via

Judging Criteria

NLA has a vision for a New London: for a city that is sustainable, civilised and egalitarian, that seeks to improve the quality and standards of new design and respects its rich mix of old and new, discovering the best new ideas and solutions that will deliver a New London of the future.
The Awards celebrate all scales of projects, from community-led to large-scale mixed-use developments, both built and unbuilt, that contribute to and enhance this vision of the city.
Across the 13 categories, the jury will be looking for projects that demonstrate:
  • Sustainable projects that contribute to a resilient city, improve biodiversity and achieve net zero carbon  
  • High-quality design that respects its context and enhances London’s rich mix of old and new
  • A wider contribution to placemaking, improving the social, cultural and economic character of the local area
  • Advancing knowledge and skills around the design, delivery, construction and funding of projects for the capital
  • Longevity, through the efficiency of resources, energy, cost and consideration of long-term use

Judging Process

From submission onwards, the projects undergo the following selection process:
Quality review - NLA will review submissions for compliance with submission requirements and incomplete or missing information.
A team of London-based cross-sector Expert Assessors are invited to review the entries and help create the shortlist of projects for each of the 13 categories. Every year we bring a different group of people together who contribute with first-hand knowledge and impartial judgment to select a broad representation of relevant projects contributing to London’s built environment.  
Site visits
Expert Assessors are encouraged to visit selected built projects to inform the shortlisting decision and to be able to make a knowledgeable objective presentation to the International Jury. 
Jury selection
Expert Assessors present shortlisted projects to an International Jury.
The assessors give careful consideration as to the reasons for selecting each project and communicate their motivations to the International Jury. Each Expert Assessor presents the selected projects to be considered for an award, introducing the scheme in the most objective way possible, and highlighting its relevance to London. The International Jury bring their global experience in order to select outstanding contributions to the city. The International Jury select the final winners, commendations and special prizes, celebrated at our Annual Awards Lunch in November.


From hospitals and healthcare facilities to later living developments that improve the health and wellbeing of Londoners.
Sponsored by Urban Space Management

Looking closely at the restoration and repair of historic buildings and preserving London’s heritage; carefully balancing old and new, as well as improving the energy efficiency of our historic structures. 
The adaption of buildings that demonstrate sustainability, efficiency, and viability across any sector, where the repurposing of existing fabric and its embodied energy has been resourceful.
Civic buildings, museums, galleries, theatres, libraries, sports facilities, community hubs and youth centres – projects that put cultural experience at the heart to create better places.
Multi-unit residential projects of any scale and tenure – from social housing and PRS to prime resi — creating exemplary new places for people to live. Individual new homes and small housing developments up to 5 units will also be considered in this category.
Educational establishments of all kinds – nurseries, schools, academies, universities, training centres – where design enhances the learning experience.
Projects that embrace the city as a work in progress, enlivening spaces, places and high streets over a short-term period, while supporting long-term ambitions.
Buildings with a complementary mix of work-live-play, designed holistically to meet the needs of several different activities and communities, where there is a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance between core activities. 
Transport, infrastructure and related architecture projects that improve the experience of travel around the city; transportation of goods, water, waste or energy. Active travel projects that celebrate mobility and non-motorized means from small, low-traffic streets to larger-scale neighbourhoods.
Sponsored by Maylim

New or rediscovered public spaces that focus on blue and green infrastructure with biodiversity at the heart of the scheme. Considering parts of London that have been given a new life through improvements to streets, squares, playgrounds, water spaces or parks. 
New and improved parts of the city, where placemaking sits at the core; intentionally designed to create a destination, offering a mix of uses, activities and a new lease of life to a place.
Retail and shops, restaurants and bars, hotels and markets that welcome guests, creating new experiences and offering fresh approaches to enhance the leisure offers and hospitality experience for visitors.
From office buildings and interiors to co-working hubs and affordable workspaces for making and manufacturing – new projects that create inspiring working environments. 

Special Prizes

Designing for Net Zero 2030
Supported by the Mayor of London

The Mayor’s Prize in 2023 will be awarded, in association with the Mayor of London, to a project that demonstrates innovation in meeting the Mayor’s target for net zero by 2030. Selected from shortlisted projects across all categories, the prize will celebrate new buildings that best demonstrate exemplary net zero principles, approaches and measures as integral aspects of outstanding architectural design. The winning project should also address how carbon consumption has been reduced through well-considered massing, site planning and detailed design moves at both building and neighbourhood scale.
Sponsored by Commonplace

Celebrating community-driven design and collaboration, the Community Prize will be awarded to the scheme that demonstrates the most positive and meaningful impact on the place where it is located. Selected from submissions across all categories, successful projects will be exemplary in their response to the social context, contributing to a sense of local identity and helping communities thrive.
Recognising the most sustainable projects in the capital, the Environmental Prize will be awarded to the scheme that shows design strategies that minimise environmental impact as well as efficient use of materials, a low carbon footprint and innovation. Selected from submissions across all categories, successful projects have surpassed sustainability standards, exemplar in creating a more socially and environmentally sustainable net-zero city. 

Sponsored by Airflow

Projects that put wellbeing at the heart of the design, this prize will be awarded to the scheme that best shows how design approaches that consider key spatial conditions – such as the quality of air, water, light and comfort – aiding mental and physical wellbeing of the people that live or work in them. Selected from submissions across all categories, successful projects will be exemplary in finding ways to create spaces which make people feel better when they inhabit them.
In association with the London Festival of Architecture

During the London Festival of Architecture, Londoners are invited to vote for their favourite project from the 2022 shortlist. The project with the most votes will be awarded the People’s Choice Award.
The New Londoner of the Year Awards celebrates the person who NLA feels has had the most significant impact in shaping the vision of New London, making a positive contribution to the city, and furthering discourse around the future of London and the built environment industry, whether that is working on a community-led project or leading on significant developments across London.

This special prize celebrates individual efforts, often unseen and unrecognised, that shape the energetic and diverse city we live in. After the Shortlist announcement, selected submitters will be asked to nominate a person they think should be awarded for their involvement in the project and their determination to make better places.


  • Any company, organisation or individual involved in the planning, design or construction of a project is eligible to enter the project into the New London Awards.
  • The project must be located within any of the 33 London Boroughs.
  • Submitted projects can be at any stage from completion to on the drawing board. A ‘built’ project must have achieved practical completion within the last two years (between 11 May 2021 and 11 May 2023). An ‘unbuilt’ project must have a real site and be at any stage of design or construction at time of entry on 11 May 2023. Any project completed before 11 May 2021 will not be eligible.

Useful Information

  • The project team are encouraged to consult with other members and their client to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Team credits. We recommend you credit the following as a minimum: Client, Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E / Sustainability Engineer, Planning Consultant, Project Manager / Cost Consultant, Contractor.
  • The company submitting the entry must list all consultants and principal contractors working on the project and have sought the written permission of the land/building owner or project client.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from any one organisation. Projects submitted in previous years may be resubmitted a maximum of twice, provided these schemes can show development i.e., progression from planning stages to under construction.
  • Projects can be entered into more than one category where appropriate but will require separate submission applications with a dedicated project overview tailored to each category. A separate entry fee applies for each project per category. This does not apply to Special Prizes, which may be entered in addition to the category selected without additional payment.
  • All entries should be submitted on the online entry form, accessible from the NLA website.

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Submissions Deadline

Tuesday 30 May 2023, 6pm

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