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Celebrating London’s unique mix of old and new

From Roman, Medieval, Gothic, Elizabethan, Georgian and Regency, to Art Deco, Brutalist and Postmodern, the city retains signs of its 2000 year-development. Allowing London’s story to be told through its buildings, monuments, squares and streets, despite its constant evolution. 
Following the pandemic there are fresh challenges being placed on London’s historic buildings. Cultural and heritage sites across the capital are experiencing a drastic fall in income due to a drop in tourism, creating uncertainty for our historic buildings. This brings opportunity - Can the pandemic open-up new opportunities to re-think the function of our existing building stock?
The climate emergency has also forced the built environment sector to rethink its priority, with particular emphasis being placed on the preservation and extension of existing buildings while upgrading them for the future. However, old, and historic buildings often face challenges when it comes to retrofit and adaptive reuse.
This year-round programme brings together conservation professionals, institutions and local authorities to share best practice and provide a forum for the industry to protect London’s heritage in a time of crisis.


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