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Tall buildings are increasingly becoming part of London, a city traditionally associated with a low-rise, low-density character. In the past decade, major new clusters of tall buildings have emerged in areas such as Nine Elms, Elephant and Castel, the Isle of Dogs and the City of London. And still more are to come, with a pipeline of over 500 tall buildings either in planning, approved or under construction in the capital.

With a rapidly changing skyline and city shape, questions remain about the contributions that tall buildings bring to the capital: do we have the appropriate tools to ensure tall buildings are in the right place and of good quality design? How do tall buildings contribute to the streetscape, providing good quality public realm as part of their developments? And with over 100,000 homes to be in a tall building, how do we make sure that tall buildings really address London’s housing challenge?

 The pioneering role of NLA research on tall buildings delivers up-to-date figures and analysis and a year-round programme inviting industry experts and the public 
to discuss one of the capital’s most debated topic. 

Key themes
  • London’s Tall Buildings Pipeline
  • Tall Building Policy in London
  • Tall buildings/high density — what is it like to live in high-rise buildings? Who are we building for?
  • Smart planning and 3D models for tall buildings Design quality

Proposed upcoming activity
  • Annual Tall Building Survey 2020 Launch, April
  • Tall Buildings Exhibtion, April – May 2020  
  • Half Day Conference, May 2020
  • Breakfast Talk, Study Tour, Pecha Kucha, TBC

Past activity
  • Tall buildings in 2020. Will we need supplementary planning guidance? Think Tank, November 2018  
  • London’s changing skyline: the future of tall buildings in the capital. Half-day Conference, March 2019  
  • NLA Annual London Tall Buildings Survey 2019. Report launch, March 2019  
  • Who are tall buildings for? Think Tank, November 2018  
  • Do tall buildings benefit London? APPG for London’s Planning and Built Environment, April 2018  
  • Tall buildings in London — how many is too many? Breakfast Talk, April 2018  
  • NLA Annual London Tall Buildings Survey 2018, Report launch, April 2018
  • London Tall Buildings Survey 2019, March 2019  
  • London Tall Buildings Survey 2018, April 2018
  • London Tall Buildings Survey 2017, March 2017
  •  100 Tall buildings for London, Exhibition, March–June 2019

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