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Improving technical competency in the design and delivery of buildings

In the aftermath of Grenfell, the relationship between architects, project managers and contractors’ roles in the delivery of buildings is under question. In a world increasingly dominated by Building Information Modelling, the full building team need to understand how different elements of their buildings go together and where responsibilities lie.
NLA’s Technical programme looks in depth at best practice case studies and guidance to support the built environment profession’s focus on improving competency in the technical design and delivery of new buildings for London. Monthly seminars include ‘Projects in Practice’, presenting best practice case studies and the products that define them, and ‘Technical Competency Briefings’ which demystify the latest legislation, regulations, products and technology.
‘Projects in Practice’ presents London’s leading projects and the products that define them. The series gets under the skin of the best new projects across all sectors in the capital, revealing the technical aspects of their design, specification and delivery. Each seminar focuses in on a specific sector, from schools and homes to offices and tall buildings, linking in with NLA’s existing programme streams, and features projects presented by the architects, engineers and other team members instrumental in making London’s most successful buildings work. 

Technical Briefings provide essential intelligence on latest legislation, regulations and technology from key experts and practitioners working across policy, procurement, delivery, construction, technical innovation and design. The series supports the improvement of professional competence across the NLA network. Regular briefings provide in-depth and up-to-date information on latest guidance, technology, products and essential expertise

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Project in Practice: One Crown Place


Project in Practice: One Crown Place

In this webinar we hear from the team behind One Crown Place who give technical details to building wellbeing and sustai...

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Modular construction briefing


Modular construction briefing

11 March 2022

NLA Annual Fire Safety Update


NLA Annual Fire Safety Update

NLA’s Annual Fire Safety Update presents the latest regulatory changes that built environment professionals need to know...

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