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Stephanie Barton

Future Ready Business Analyst & Intelligent Transport Systems Consultant


Stephanie Barton
Stephanie Barton is a Future Ready Business Analyst at WSP. The Future Ready vision is to see the future more clearly, design for it today and lead in innovation. She is future-focused with a passion for applying trends analysis to ensure her trusted advice to clients is fit for the future. She supports the embedment of Future Ready across the UK and globally with the production of resources, development of training and elevation of engagement. Steph is a keen ambassador for women in STEM and is proactively involved in industry-wide mentoring. 

To design for the future, we must consider trends across the four themes; climate, society, technology and resources. She recently published thought leadership in the gender data gap. This considers how a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t always suit all members of society and what we can consider to be more inclusive in our designs and advice.

Latest contributions

Women's safety in public spaces


25 June 2021

Women's safety in public spaces

This NLA Breakfast Talk heard from experts discussing what we need to do to make public spaces safer in London.

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Stephanie Barton

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