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Therme Group UK

Therme Group UK

Therme Group is a global wellbeing leader, driven by an inclusive vision of ‘Wellbeing for All’. 

Therme’s landmark entertainment and wellbeing destinations are a unique immersive environment, based in ancient traditions of thermal bathing combined with modern technology. This unique blended experience includes water-based activities with fitness programming, attractions, wellbeing therapies, art and culture, botanics, food and nutrition. As much as a fun and relaxing experience, Therme’s projects benefit mental and physical health, rejuvenating all who visit, and making a positive economic and social impact for the communities they serve. Environmental consciousness is at the heart of Therme, using sustainable design and technology to create affordable and inclusive environments which welcome many millions of visitors every year. 

Because of increased worldwide urbanisation, public health challenges and a lack of access to nature, Therme believes that 'wellbeing for all' is a fundamental human right and critical for a healthy future. With more than 20 years’ experience, Therme Group and its strategic partners operate four facilities In Europe and have multiple destinations in development worldwide including the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

For more information visit or follow us on Linkedin @Therme Group.


20 North Audley Street
W1K 6WE London, UK

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Therme Group UK



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